Treaty Jewellery

We love this range of costume jewellery by Treaty. Designed in the UK by Maggie and Josh, based in Falmouth, Cornwall and Inspired by the coastline surrounding them. They use both art and nature in harmony to create truly unique and striking pieces. 

We're proud to showcase the Treaty jewellery collection which is designed in Cornwall, UK, and skilfully handmade in Turkey. The producers are carefully chosen for their ethical approach and sound eco-friendly production and waste management methods. Every piece is crafted by professional jewellery workers in a safe and happy working environment. They use pioneering techniques by placing .925 Silver plating onto an Aluminium core. By doing this a beautiful, burnished silver look, which is both hard wearing, durable and has their trademark finish that makes Treaty so unique. The traditional production method has been used in Turkey for hundreds of years and is made without the use of harmful metals commonly used all over the world like Lead, Nickel or Cadmium, Treaty Jewellery is particularly suitable for customers who may be allergic to these base metals.

At IGLB we are proud to Partner with Treaty and bring this unique range to you.


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Ellen NecklaceEllen Necklace
Ellen Necklace Sale price£38.00
Madonna NecklaceMadonna Necklace
Madonna Necklace Sale price£38.00
Sold out
Blythe EarringsBlythe Earrings
Blythe Earrings Sale price£26.00
Angel EarringsAngel Earrings
Angel Earrings Sale price£24.00
Treaty Tallulah EarringsTreaty Tallulah Earrings
Treaty Tallulah Earrings Sale price£25.00
Ava Necklace - Crystal ClearAva Necklace - Crystal Clear
Treaty Sennen NecklaceTreaty Sennen Necklace
Treaty Sennen Necklace Sale price£38.00
Blythe NecklaceBlythe Necklace
Blythe Necklace Sale price£42.00
Treaty Titania BraceletTreaty Titania Bracelet
Treaty Titania Bracelet Sale price£27.00
Treaty Skylar EarringsTreaty Skylar Earrings
Treaty Skylar Earrings Sale price£24.00
Treaty Penelope EarringsTreaty Penelope Earrings
Treaty Penelope Earrings Sale price£25.00
Treaty Octavia BraceletTreaty Octavia Bracelet
Treaty Octavia Bracelet Sale price£25.00
Sold out
Treaty Lois EarringsTreaty Lois Earrings
Treaty Lois Earrings Sale price£25.00
Treaty Harper NecklaceTreaty Harper Necklace
Treaty Harper Necklace Sale price£36.00
Treaty Harper EarringsTreaty Harper Earrings
Treaty Harper Earrings Sale price£23.00
Treaty Della RingTreaty Della Ring
Treaty Della Ring Sale price£23.00
Treaty Celeste EarringsTreaty Celeste Earrings
Treaty Celeste Earrings Sale price£25.00
Sold out
Treaty Calypso NecklaceTreaty Calypso Necklace
Treaty Calypso Necklace Sale price£39.00
Treaty Bonnie Bangle BlueTreaty Bonnie Bangle Blue
Treaty Bonnie Bangle Blue Sale price£25.00
Treaty Arabella braceletTreaty Arabella bracelet
Treaty Arabella bracelet Sale price£27.00
Sold out
Treaty Adeline EarringsTreaty Adeline Earrings
Treaty Adeline Earrings Sale price£25.00
Sold out
Treaty Adeline NecklaceTreaty Adeline Necklace
Treaty Adeline Necklace Sale price£41.00
Silver Multi Strand Cuff Bracelet
Treaty Zinnia RingTreaty Zinnia Ring
Treaty Zinnia Ring Sale price£24.00

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